If you are a celebrity, sportspersons or high-profile businessperson, criminal accusations made against you can have a profound effect on your reputation, your potential to find work, and participation in some of the most critical events in your career.

Not only can criminal charges affect you personally, they can also impact the business or brand you have worked years to build. I can help control the crisis that surrounds criminal allegations made against you. To discuss your specific case with me, call 0800 054 1170. There is no time to delay.

Expert Defence Barrister

I understand the specific nuances of celebrity and sports professionals’ cases and tailor my strategy accordingly. Even in the most challenging of circumstances, I work in close partnership with my clients and will always be on-hand to advise you, so you are never caught out by the media.

Strategic Approach

My approach means you are better protected from the moment you instruct me. From the outset, I give my clients the best chance of discretion and a successful outcome by building a robust strategy.

Proven Track Record

My job is to protect your reputation and your liberty. I will do everything I can to make that happen, and my past cases and experience prove that my approach gets the results my clients need.

Criminal Barrister for Sports Professionals and Celebrities

I will advise you on the law and facts of your case, as well as how to navigate the criminal justice system with dignity. I know that in high-profile cases, my clients may be the subject of intense public scrutiny. As a result, I ensure that part of our strategy involves minimising opportunities for your case to become a story.

From front-loading our defence strategy to skillfully managing Court appearances, I will treat your case with professionalism and discretion. I will take the time to understand what your specific reputational risks are, and carefully plan to manage and mitigate these risks.

Specialist Services for Sports Professional and Celebrities

Sexual Offences Defence

It is common for celebrities and sports professionals to be accused of sexual offences, and the outcome can be devastating for your career. If you have been charged with a sexual offence, I can help control the media storm that may surround the allegations. I have a proven track record in sexual offences cases which you can view here.

Historic Sexual Offences Defence

I have worked on various historic sexual cases involving multiple complainants and high-profile individuals. Cases such as these typically raise many related complex issues of evidence, and of law. Historic cases require meticulous preparation, and my approach to defence means extensive drafting and disclosure to give your case every opportunity for success. On historic cases, I work in partnership with specialist sexual offences solicitor Stuart Sutton. Together, we can get the outcome you need.

Child Sexual Offences Defence

Child sexual offences cases can be complicated and have grave professional implications for those accused. I have found that in child sex offences cases, obtaining Third Party Disclosure is crucial to the successful defence of my clients. I have excellent experience of gaining positive outcomes early on. For example, one of my requests for disclosure led to a decision from the Crown to offer no evidence against my client. This particular case highlights the importance of specialist and robust legal representation when faced with such charges.

Why choose Mark Kelly?


I offer all of my clients a strategic approach to fighting their case. I choose to take on fewer clients, which allows me to provide a personal service with added value. Developing a coherent strategy from the outset gives me greater control over the result of the case, as well as how the case might be perceived in the public eye. As a result, I provide maximum value and opportunity for success.


I work in collaboration with my clients, putting them at the centre of decision making in their case. I strive to understand your specific concerns, risks and motivations so that I can build a defence strategy tailored to you. I believe in being hands-on from the outset, and I always ensure I have sufficient time to meet with my clients anywhere in the UK to discuss their situation in detail.

Results and Experience

I have extensive experience as a criminal barrister. However, my approachability and dedication to each case mean that I get to know my clients and achieve the results they need.  With an impressive track record in my areas of expertise, I consistently obtain successful results for my clients who have been accused of sexual offences, fraud offences and more. I am in an excellent position to support, advise and represent you at every stage of your case.

Support Infrastructure

My personal experience and expertise is supported by an infrastructure I have perfected over 30 years. I work with a staff of efficient librarians and reliable clerks, and work alongside specialist solicitors, barristers and support staff. Working with this network of experts means that I always have time for extensive preparation, and can give devoted attention to each case.

Mark Kelly KC, Defence Barrister for Sports professionals and Celebrities Manchester & London

If you are facing criminal charges, blackmail or extortion with potentially devastating results, there is no time to delay. Get in contact with me today to begin protecting your liberty, your business and your reputation. I am innovative, proactive and have a reputation and track record that’s second to none. You can be sure you are in safe hands.

I serve Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, London, Bristol and the rest of the UK. I travel to meet my clients where they are. To discuss your circumstances, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0800 054 1170 or fill out a contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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