I almost exclusively defend.

My practice is mainly murder. I also accept instructions in family fact-findings usually involving non-accidental head injuries in children or sexual abuse.

I have significant past experience in missing-body cases and those involving complex forensic medical issues.

In ten years in Silk I have also defended with success in fraud and regulatory cases. I have also  been instructed to advise a commercial Silk, lay client and solicitor as to the criminal jurisdiction ramifications of  substantive decisions  being taken in the commercial litigation.

Cases within the last three years include:

Anonymous Client - Cardiff CC


Four-handed trial. One of two acquitted on submissions at close of case.

Anonymous Client - Bristol CC


Honour-killing of wife. Jury trial conducted through interpreter and intermediary. Fitness to stand trial issues arose. Hospital order without restriction.

Anonymous Client - Bristol CC


Multi-handed kidnap and murder. Bound man left naked in deserted location. All convicted.

Anonymous Client  - Truro CC


Three-handed stabbing murder. Cut-throat defences. Sole defendant acquitted of murder. Co-defending with Sally Howes KC.

Anonymous Client - Swansea CC


Privately-funded death by dangerous driving. Pregnant mother killed oncoming driver and her own unborn child. Issues included skid co-efficient and other related expert evidence; psychiatric/psychological expert evidence bearing upon credibility of amnesia. Acquitted.

Anonymous Client - Swansea CC


Defendant killed girlfriend after drugs-fuelled sex session. Issues included unauthorised intrusive surveillance. Plea to manslaughter accepted.

Anonymous Client - Catterick Barracks


Gross-negligence manslaughter arising out of a death in Camp Bastion, Helmand.

I raised a Combat Immunity argument. The resulting (classified MOD material) disclosure expedition eventually led to the charge being dropped at the door of the court in favour of a minor disciplinary charge.

Anonymous Client - Bristol CC


Drug related murder of co-dealer. Very complex direct and circumstantial evidence, including an admissible inconsistent statement to police as an erstwhile witness. Prosecution case was that I was the principal, the co-accused the secondary party.  Cut-throat defences.

Acquitted. Co-defendant convicted.

Anonymous Client - Shrewsbury CC


Multi-complainant historic sexual allegations. Acquitted.

Anonymous Client - Liverpool CC


Unlawful act manslaughter. Cannabis grower burned down home killing father-in-law. Mixed pleas accepted.

Anonymous Client - Exeter CC


Husband with dementia beat wife to death. Unfit to plead. Trial of issue. Hospital order.

Anonymous Client  - Truro CC

Defence (private funding).

Serving police officer charged with ‘date-rapes’ of three separate women. Two counts abandoned by prosecution pre-trial following disclosure arguments. Third count: acquitted by jury.

Anonymous Client - Truro CC


Murder. Suicide pact defence. Manslaughter accepted by crown on day of trial.

Anonymous Client - Bristol CC


Murder by transfixion with Samurai sword. Convicted.

Anonymous Client - Bristol CC


Four-handed, cut-throat defences. County lines turf-war attack on a Bristol flat. All four convicted. Sentences totalling over 130 years. National news coverage.

Anonymous Client - Bristol CC


One punch manslaughter by homeless man on passer-by. Acquitted.

Anonymous Client - Plymouth CC


Re-trial. Mother accused of repeatedly asphyxiating infant child and poisoning child in hospital due to fascination with medical matters and to gain attention.

I raised an issue of blood-gas readings with consultant respiratory specialist, not taken by original counsel at first trial. Acquitted of all counts.

Anonymous Client - Birmingham CC


Manslaughter leading Simon Stirling. Fifteen year-old offender, with interpreter. Substantial issues of causation revolving around the medicine. Conviction currently subject to appeal.

Current instructions:

Three-week Family Court fact-finding (multiple party, multiple sexual and physical abuse within family). (Exeter)

Eight-week historic rape and abuse case. Defendant with convictions arising out of Operation Goldfinch. Further fresh allegations from children’s home employment in 1990s.

Nine complainants. (Cardiff CC)

Six-eight week multi-handed murder Drugs turfwar. (Cardiff CC).

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