If you require expert legal advice and representation in the London area including Croydon, Blackfriars, Kingston, Southwark and Wood Green, I can assist you. 

I am a highly experienced criminal and regulatory defence barrister working on some of the most challenging and complex cases to find solutions. If you are facing serious fraud, drugs or sexual offences charges, there is no time to delay. I understand that being strategic when it comes to defence can make all the difference to your case and will take all steps necessary to ensure a positive outcome for you. Read my client testimonials here.

To discuss your specific charges or concerns with me today, call now on 0800 054 1170 or fill out my online enquiry form and I will get back to you right away. When it comes to the most serious offences, you need a lawyer you can rely on.

Criminal Defence Advice and Representation in Southwark

The most serious criminal offences require specialist defence strategy. You need an expert barrister with years of experience in in obtaining favourable outcomes for clients. I have helped people in the gravest of circumstances keep their job, reputation and liberty. I can help you with a variety of offences including; 

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The sooner you get in touch with me to discuss your case, the more options we have for building a robust defence. If you are facing serious criminal charges or an investigation, get in touch now.  I will discuss your options with you, set out clearly how we might proceed and also outline the costs involved. Call me now on 0800 054 1170 or complete my online enquiry form and I will get back to you right away.

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Why Choose KC Crime Lawyer?

  • Highly Successful Defence Barrister
  • Defend Your Hard Earned Reputation
  • Protect Your Good Character, Your Family and Your Profession
  • Strategic, Tactical & Collaborative Approach
  • Successful Outcomes
  • Robust Defence
  • Professional Representation
  • Maximise Opportunity
"A good, analytical lawyer. He worked incredibly hard and devised legal submissions which won the case."

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