Expert Sex Offences Barrister

I have assisted clients in the most challenging sex offences cases, securing favourable outcomes even where the case seems impossible. 

Strategic Approach

I give my clients the best chance to succeed by ensuring each and every avenue is tackled in the right way. I don't just build your case, but a robust strategy for your defence.

Proven Track Record

My job is to ensure my clients get the outcome they need. I do everything in my power to make that happen, and my past cases and experience are testament to that.

Offences Relating to Sexual Offences

There is a wide range of sexual offences that the Crown can charge an individual with, and the legislation relating to these offences is complex. With my years of experience representing defendants, I am ideally placed to advise you on the legal process, as well as provide representation if your case was to go to trial. 

Mark Kelly, Expert Sexual Offences Defence KC Barrister

My professional experience, approachability and considerable expertise, means that you will be in a very safe pair of hands when it comes to your defence, and my track record is second to none. For the best advice for your circumstances contact Mark today.

Experience and Past Cases

I have worked on a number of serious cases involving multiple complainants,  and I have worked on many cases involving historic allegations. These cases frequently raise many related complex issues of law and evidence, all of which require meticulous preparation. 

I have developed a niche practice of defending carers accused of sexually abusing children in their care. Often, this raises complex legal, factual and evidential issues, and of course, can also have very serious professional implications for those involved. I have found that in cases such of these, obtaining disclosure, and in particular Third Party Disclosure, is key to the successful defence of clients. In one such case, the requests for disclosure led to a decision by the Crown to offer no evidence against my client, demonstrating the importance of professional and expert legal representation in cases such as these.

Because I am a practising barrister, I am able to appear in court on behalf of individuals for cases in both Crown Court and before the Magistrates, meaning that I can assist with charges at every level. When instructed by your solicitor,  I can deal with every aspect of your case, ensuring the best possible outcome for you, and hopefully allowing you to get on with your life.

If you are accused of a sexual offence or have been charged with one, you must seek the best legal advice and representation available at the earliest opportunity - especially where Section 28 applies. This gives you the best possible opportunity to present your side of the story to the Crown and will help to ensure that if your case goes to court, you have the best chances of a favourable outcome.

I consistently obtain favourable results for clients accused of a variety of sexual offences, and so I am well placed to support, advise and represent you in respect of your case. You can also read my latest briefing here.

Sexual Offences Defence KC Barrister

Serving Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, London, Bristol and the rest of the UK. If you wish to discuss sexual offences or other related matters, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly on 0800 054 1170 or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the sex cases in which I am instructed, I invariably work with Stuart Sutton from Sutton Defence Lawyers. Stuart has a national practice. He has many years of experience in these types of cases and he has a profound knowledge and understanding of the myriad of issues that arise. I can say without fear of contradiction that his work ethic, professionalism, dynamism, good humour and client care are second to none.


"Mr Kelly was an invaluable source of direction and consistency in a very unpleasant case for us. He was able to prepare thoroughly and through third-party disclosure, he unearthed the complainant's blatant fabrications which undermined the prosecution's position conclusively. I would highly recommend his services, especially in sensitive and emotional cases where you need articulate and decisive counsel."

Anonymous - Sexual Abuse case that resulted in not guilty verdicts on all counts, December 2016

"I was recommended and introduced to Mark through our solicitor Stuart Sutton. Throughout the traumatic two years dealing with the false allegations raised, Mark was a stabilising element. Thorough in his analysis of the situations to be handled, and reassuring in times of my concerns. I was included at all stages of preparation for the defence and involved in making decisions during the trial. Mark ensures that you are at the centre of preparation work and the pre-trial research. Mark says he needs clients to take on “ownership” of the case and to put in “work” on the case. I would recommend his services without reservation."
Mr P. Gloucestershire reviews

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